I can see a Rainbow – a TanaBana story book

I can see a rainbow cover 23 Oct 2016.png

‘TanaBana’ is Hindi for the ‘warp and weft’ of a weave. And that’s what it is: a story woven with the ‘Tana’ of ideas, and the ‘Bana’ of illustrations from everyday events in the life of a child. The idea of this series emerged during a conversation between a couple of friends who share the passion of story, of education and of small interactions that can make a meaningful impact on a growing child’s mind.

I can see a rainbow I can see a rainbow (Click to download PDF) is the first in this series. It is  free to download on any device. We would love to hear your and your child’s feedback. Let us know what you liked, and what we can improve, be it narrative, or illustration, or how we’re distributing the book.

We hope you and your child enjoy reading as much as my friends and I have enjoyed weaving!

The PDF is a bit large (around 30MB), because it contains several beautiful, high-resolution illustrations that we couldn’t bear to shrink! So it may take a few minutes to download.


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