Hi! I am Kyra – A TanaBana Story Book


Hi! I am Kyra, is the second one in the series of TanaBana. It is free for you to download Hi! I am Kyra (Click to download the PDF) on a device of your choice.

TanaBana, means warp and weft of a weave, in the Hindi language. And that’s what it is. A story woven with the ‘Tana‘ of ideas, and the ‘Bana‘ of pictures from everyday events that happen in a child’s life. The idea of this series emerged, during a conversation amongst a couple of us friends who share the passion of story, of education. The precious Nano interactions that happen every day amongst young children and between a child and the adult in their environment have the possibility of making a deep and meaningful impact on the mind of a growing child.

We would love to hear your and your child’s feedback on any aspect of the book. Let us know what you liked and what we can do better. We hope you and your child enjoy reading it as much as the TanaBana team enjoyed weaving it.

For those of you who missed out on the first one, I can see a rainbow, here’s the link again I can see a rainbow (Click to download PDF). Enjoy!



9 thoughts on “Hi! I am Kyra – A TanaBana Story Book

  1. Awww such an endearing story . Love the lil munchkin Kyra . ‘ Hi I am Kyra ‘ is beautifully crafted and so delicately brings out the importance of effective communication skills in young children. The journey.. from a shy reticent child to being comfortably conversing with her peers is commendable . The narrative in first person is a brilliant idea .Kyra just tugs at your hearts strings . Using vernacular sets the pace for a certain level of comfort for a child converse .
    The beauty of the illustrations lie in their simplicity and the choice of hues add to the magic . So here I am .. on happy Sunday afternoon .. raising a toast to Team TanaBana ! Salud !Congratulations !!

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    1. Thanks for loving and appreciating Kyra’s world.I feel its a privilege to get an insight into a child’s amazing world which most often gets influenced by thought processes of adults and environment around them. What they need is conducive environment and unhurried time to explore and get comfortable. The results are always amazing and beyond our expectations.

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  2. Thank you 😍 the simplicity in illustrations hue choices were in keeping with kyra’s world…. I’m happy it has delivered effectively to the story and it’s exploration

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  3. This is so beautifully written!! So real and the girls have come back with similar stories from school… how a bad hair day was turned around into a fun day by their teachers ( you) 🙂
    Keep writing…. it’s bringing back so many memories !!

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  4. Just loved the Tana Bana series!! Simple and short stories straight from a Teacher’s heart!! Can relate to them!! I actually got transported to Neev Whitefield with Ms. Noni!!

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